Pocket Ritual

A Phone App to Find Your Path and Navigate Your Way to Bliss

“Pocket Ritual” is a phone app for self-exploration and reflection. It is intended to help users to position themselves on their personal life journey, to identify goals in regard to professional or personal development, and to make the necessary changes to achieve those goals. The app’s core element is a body of cards that feature contemplative tasks and questions inspired by psychological theory and practice, e.g.

“Make a list of things in your life that bring you joy. How often do you get to experience this joy? Where in your life is there room for more joy?”
“Go to a place of ‘riches’, e.g. a vegetable market, bookstore, arts & crafts shop etc. Without agenda, let yourself browse. What are you drawn to? What do you like?”

Beyond contemplating the questions, playing cards includes doing the suggested tasks, entering answers to the questions, assigning pictures to accompany the thoughts and emotions evoked by the card question and choosing “mood” adjectives. This also serves as diary function as the entered notes and images to each played card are being saved on the “journey screen” for future reference.

Choosing “mood” adjectives to each card further impacts the “journey screen”, which consists of 7 stages that represent the journey of personal transformation from “ordinary world” to “rebirth”, a transformational structure identified by Joseph Campbell as “The Hero’s Journey”.

Pocket Ritual aims at ritualizing emotional housekeeping. Morning ritual: pick cards. Daytime ritual: play cards. Evening ritual: contemplate progress on journey screen. These rituals shall help build a healthy habit of self-exploration and reflection for the purpose of creating and maintaining momentum on the path to an authentic life.


Pocket Ritual - Stage03 landscape
Pocket RItual - Stage04 landscape
Pocket Ritual - Stage05 landscape
Pocket Ritual - Stage06 landscape
Pocket Ritual - Stage 01
Pocket Ritual - Stage 02
Pocket Ritual - Stage 04
Pocket Ritual - Stage05
Pocket Ritual - Stage06
Stage 2_CC
Stage 6_CC_02
Stage 7_CC_02

Development Team

Consultants on this project: 
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Prof. Drake Spaeth, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.
  • Psychotherapist Dr. Julie Leavitt, Body, Heart & Soul, Boston, MA.
  • Vision Holder and Design Lead: Doris C. Rusch
  • Programmer: Serguei Fedorov
  • UX Design: Denise Nacu
  • Artist: Michelle Verceles
  • Artist: Michael Murphy
Special thanks:
  • Mike Langley (original interaction and UX design)
  • Ron Bailey (original concept art)

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