CURERunners is a game with the primary purpose of promoting financial literacy and money management skills. CURERunners was created in an international collaboration between the Austrian social entrepreneurs Three Coins (production and project development), the development company Ovos (gameplay development), and the DePaul Play 4 Change Lab (concept, system, and story design).

CURERunners is a post-apocalyptic mobile game combining endless running and RPG elements, in which the player protagonist, Alice, maintains her supply of Cure – a limited resource necessary for all facets of life – while unraveling the mysteries surrounding the dubious Raynecoat Corporation. The game aims to, through the metaphor of Cure, instill players with habits that enable them to manage money and debt wisely.

CURERunners, using the deeply entrenched metaphor of the eponymous ‘Cure’, brings its players to cast a critical eye on both their own financial literacy and the ways money and spending are treated in global culture.

CURERunners’s gameplay centers around both Alice’s successful completion of running missions and her management of her supply of Cure. As a stand-in for real-world currency, Cure has a multifaceted role in Alice’s survival. In order to withstand the harsh future climate and landscape, a bare minimum of Cure is maintained at all times. Cure is also required in exchange for other vital supplies, and to support Alice’s struggling family. In the midst of her running tasks, Alice’s other obstacles include shady offers and debt traps. Constant awareness of Cure supply, Cure savings, and future Cure expenditures become the most important mechanics for the player to mind.

CURERunners provides an engrossing means for young adults to develop skills that both enable progress through the game and have invaluable real-life relevance.

The game can be downloaded here:


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Development Team

Producer and Project Developer: Gameplay Design and Development Team: Concept Development, Story, and System Design Team: