Blood Myth


(Currently In-Production) A Collaboration between Play 4 Change and the DePaul Athletics Department, Blood Myth is a fast-paced platform game dedicated towards raising awareness for and re-educating teens with sickle cell anemia about self-care measures.

The creators chose a metaphorical route to ease into this difficult subject, fostering curiosity and tapping into the imagination to discuss very real topics. Players take on the role of a young member of the Drakom tribe, known as a Drakkures. Born with an impenetrable, dragon scale-like skin, members of the Drakom tribe are powerful warriors who have guarded the vast land of Kanduur since time began. Unfortunately, some are born with a curse called Drakom that affects the carrier’s body under certain physical conditions. If the person’s body temperature gets too hot or too cold, or they dehydrate or over-exert themselves, the Drakkures’s scales deform into a sickle shape, clumping together and causing severe pain, thus limiting physical ability. However, there is the Blood Myth, a story about the magical powers of Mount Nwiiwii – the highest and most mysterious of the snow-capped formations in the far West of Kanduur. According to legend, no one who makes it to the top is cursed. Now the time has come for the player to climb Mount Nwiiwii and discover the truth about the Blood Myth.

Blood Myth aims to create empathy for people with sickle cell disease and remind people with sickle cell that however they may feel, they are not “cursed”. Thanks to such experts as Dr. Lewis Hsu at UIC, a generous donation from a private funder and the work of the tireless graduate student team, Play 4 Change aims to use Blood Myth to increase adherence to crisis-prevention methods, self- care and promotion of a life affirming, hopeful perspective to those with sickle cell.



Development Team

• Game Director and Lead Designer: Doris C. Rusch • Gameplay Programming Lead: Chris Sosa • System Programming Lead: Omar Zodhy • Gameplay Programming and Level Design: Nick Segreti • Level Design: Jim Niemiec • Music and Sound Effects Composer: Andrew M. Edwards