Blood Myth

(Currently In-Production) A Collaboration between Play 4 Change and the DePaul Athletics Department, Blood Myth is a fast-paced platform game dedicated towards raising awareness for and re-educating teens with sickle cell anemia about self-care measures. The creators chose a metaphorical route to ease into this difficult subject, fostering curiosity and tapping into the imagination to […]


CURERunners is a game with the primary purpose of promoting financial literacy and money management skills. CURERunners was created in an international collaboration between the Austrian social entrepreneurs Three Coins (production and project development), the development company Ovos (gameplay development), and the DePaul Play 4 Change Lab (concept, system, and story design). CURERunners is a post-apocalyptic […]


Save the world, transform yourself, tell the story. DreamWalk is a metaphorical tabletop roleplaying game full of encounters with archetypal characters and challenging trials. Its theme is personal transformation. To win, players have to individually overcome personal flaws by completing trials and in the process transforming a resource called “essence” from its initial state to a […]

For the Records

  “For the Records” is an interactive documentary on four young adults who live with the mental health issues Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Bi-polar Disorder, Eating Disorder (Anorexia Nervosa) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Whether you experience these issues yourself, know someone who does, or are simply curious, this website has been created to increase […]

Pocket Ritual

A Phone App to Find Your Path and Navigate Your Way to Bliss “Pocket Ritual” is a phone app for self-exploration and reflection. It is intended to help users to position themselves on their personal life journey, to identify goals in regard to professional or personal development, and to make the necessary changes to achieve […]

RESPECT Bluelight

Respect is a trans-disciplinary multimedia project focused on the impact of bullying and other stressors on young students, made as a collaboration between Play 4 Change, DePaul University students and faculty, and students at elementary schools in Englewood. Respect, through the creation of biographical videos and simple narrative games, allows Englewood students to artistically give voice to their […]


  Soteria –Dreams as Currency is a Game for Mental Health, aimed at promoting players’ readiness to use effective strategies to overcome anxiety disorders. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the US, affecting 40 million adults in the US age 18 or older, or […]

Walking With

“Walking With is a two player mystery game in which a ‘patient’ and a ‘therapist’ player navigate through the patient’s emotional landscape and engage in collaborative puzzle solving activities to uncover the patient’s personal story and promote insight and healing.” Work in Progress This project is a collaboration between the CDM game development program and […]

Zombie Yoga

“Zombie Yoga” is a third-person, single player Kinect game for emotional empowerment. Equipped with a lightball (an external manifestation of one’s inner light), the player enters a metaphorical gamespace – the mind of burnt-out dancer Aya – and embarks on a journey into the soul, to heal and liberate Aya’s inner child. Directing the lightball […]