GWAP Update 9/15 – 9/22

Since GWAP began, we as a class have been getting ourselves better acquainted with the genre of games with a purpose, Croatia, and the types of political concepts we are trying to model for the students within our designs. We used the second week of class to try a variety of games with a purpose and analyze them to see what designs achieved their goal and what designs fell short of their goal. We then took what we observed and applied it to how it could be used for our project.  Last week, we took a deeper look at the political concepts so that design students were on the same page as the political science students. It also allowed us an opportunity to discuss how we would integrate these political values in a design framework.

We also jumped right into design last week! We broke up into small groups, making sure there was an even distribution of political science students and design students, with the goal of each group tackling a specific political concept. These concepts include: tolerance, obligation, voice, constraint, transparency, and legitimacy. Designing for these different concepts alone is challenging, as we want to abstract it as much as possible without losing the core values of these different concepts, but it is also going to be difficult, as well as interesting, to take what the entire class has come up with and see how we can connect these different designs modeling different political values.

This week, each group will be presenting their design proposals and from there we will come together as a class and see what we can take from them to make a cohesive game that accurately models the political values without being too on the nose about them.

By Heidi Nordmann