Blood Myth Play Test!

So, despite Elsa continuing her winter vacation in Chicago and the weather being unbearable, Play For Change was grateful to have not only Shonda King come to our play test of Blood Myth, but multiple families, all of whom have children who are affected with sickle cell. Response to the concept, especially the game’s lore, was positive and a Q & A session with everyone who came to test reminded us of the importance of understanding Triggers, both physical and emotional (which we realized needed inclusion in the game play), and how this game will hopefully serve as something of an access point for those who are still confused or new to the concept of sickle cell. Visitors were able to test the game on a mobile and computer platform and while still being in its early stages, its clear we have some “kinks” to work out as the climb Acton was sticky for most players. That being said, the reason the game avatar was reacting to certain environments was clear to many and the responses from many provoked more joy than frustration. Despite the cold, it was a good day for us and for Blood Myth’s Progress.